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bright yellow walls, a well used dark wooden floor with a selection of boxing bags on display in front of a mirrored wall
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Challenge, Overcome, Succeed

a Path to Wellness Through Boxing

In the heart of Blyth, amidst the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Boxing Well was born. Founded by David, who was inspired to create an uplifting community after witnessing first-hand the growing mental health crisis and tragic losses here in the North East.

We set out on a mission - to empower people through the transformative power of boxing training and to create a place where exercise becomes a bridge to better mental and physical health, where stories of resilience unfold daily.
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David wearing full sparring gear, body protector, boxing mitts stands in the ring ready to work with the participants of boxing well
Les Walsh the Head Coach of Boxing Well standing smiling in the ring getting ready to spa

Milestones of Wellness

Boxing Well's Story

Follow our path from humble beginnings to working with some of our amazing local partners to improve your physical and mental health.

  1. Boxing Well Is Founded

    Why David founded Boxing Well

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  2. Fighting Through COVID

    Boxing Well stays open and works one-to-one during a difficult time for everyone.

    David wearing full sparring gear, body protector, boxing mitts stands in the ring ready to work with the participants of boxing well
  3. Local Connections

    We start to create strong and lasting links with local authorities and services in the North East

    a dynamic shot of a boxing well group in the middle of doing a chest exercise with a resistance band
  4. Les Joins Full Time

    Due to our success Les comes to work with David full time to support Boxing Well

    a portrait shot of Les Walsh the head coach at Boxing Well - he is wearing a black cap, boxing well branded sports top, he is using his old leather boxing mitts that have seen decades of use
  5. More Classes

    Boxing Well now offers even more classes to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing of everyone.

    a close up of boxing well regular Al a man in his 40s wearing white and red boxing gloves as he prepares to punch a small boxing bag
  6. Punching Forward

    We're looking forward to seeing what 2024 brings for our Boxing Fitness gym - see you soon!

    18 people all huddle together for a post boxing fitness class group picture - the group is a mix of ages, genders, weight and ability with everyone smiling

Our Mission: Creating an Encouraging Community

At Boxing Well, we believe exercise should uplift both body and mind.

Our gym provides a judgment-free space centred around the core values of:


We meet each person with empathy, kindness and respect. Judging has no place here.


We cheer each other on and tackle challenges together. You’ll find support from our tight-knit community.


We take a holistic perspective, encouraging mental, emotional and physical wellness.


We welcome people of all backgrounds, abilities and fitness levels. Boxing is for everyone.


We foster meaningful human connections and a “second family” atmosphere.

the reduced mobility boxing fitness class all posing together - including one man in a powerchair, a blind man and a wide range of age and fitness levels
a wide group photo of a boxing well fitness boxing class - everyone is wearing boxing gloves, posing and smiling
a busy boxing well fitness boxing class with people practicing jabs while holding light weights

Real Lives, Real Changes:
The Boxing Well Difference

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQs!

Here, we've answered your top questions about Boxing Well, highlighting our mission, community, and what sets us apart.

Dive in to learn more about how we support your wellness journey.

  • What inspired the creation of Boxing Well?

    Boxing Well was born out of a response to the mental health crisis intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Witnessing the mental health struggles within the Blyth community and understanding the therapeutic potential of boxing, founder David was motivated to create a space where physical activity and open conversation could foster mental wellness.

  • How has Boxing Well impacted the local community?

    Our approach has significantly impacted lives, preventing individuals from taking drastic measures and fostering a supportive atmosphere. With roots deeply embedded in addressing local challenges like devastating suicide rates, Boxing Well has become a sanctuary for many, contributing to a healthier, more resilient community.

  • How does Boxing Well ensure an inclusive and welcoming environment?

    We prioritise accessibility and community spirit, offering sessions for varying mobility levels and fostering an atmosphere of encouragement and camaraderie. Our gym is equipped with facilities catering to diverse needs, and we celebrate the unique journey of each member.

  • What makes Boxing Well different from other boxing gyms?

    Our non-competitive, community-focused approach sets us apart. We prioritise wellness and personal growth over competition, catering to those seeking mental and physical improvement in a supportive environment rather than a traditional boxing or gym atmosphere.

  • What should new members know before joining Boxing Well?

    The most challenging step is walking through the door, but once you do, you’re met with unwavering support and a path to easier, brighter days. We welcome everyone with open arms, ready to support each journey towards wellness.

A Warm Invitation

Join Us

Joining Boxing Well means becoming part of a family that cheers for every step forward, no matter how small. If there's one thing we want you to know, it's that the hardest part is walking through our door—the rest, we'll tackle together. Whether you're seeking to improve your mental health, recover from an injury, or find a sense of belonging, Boxing Well welcomes you with open arms.

Welcome to Boxing Well. Your journey to wellness starts here.

bright yellow walls, a well used dark wooden floor with a selection of boxing bags on display in front of a mirrored wall