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Your Victory: Boxing for Physical and Mental Wellness at Boxing Well

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Unite, Thrive, Triumph:

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Welcome to Boxing Well, your local haven in the North East for personal growth through boxing. Our gym is more than a building; it’s a community where everyone, from first-timers to seasoned boxers, can find support and acceptance. Life’s challenges don’t seem so big when you’re part of a team that cares. Our expert coaches blend expertise with genuine empathy, ensuring Boxing Well is a place where being your best self is encouraged and supported.

Why Boxing Well is Your Go-To Place

Our boxing fit classes go beyond physical training; they’re about strengthening your mind as much as your body. We cater to all, aiming to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, learn new skills, and connect with others who might be going through the same struggles. At Boxing Well, you’ll receive personalised support from coaches who are knowledgeable and invested in your wellness journey. This is a place for growth, confidence, and community, where everyone cheers for each other.

Beyond Just Training – We’re a Community 

At Boxing Well, we see the gym as a space for more than just working out – it’s where personal transformations happen. The true measure of success here isn’t just how hard you punch but the strength of the community you help build. Our environment is filled with positivity, resilience, and mutual respect. Joining our boxing fit classes means you’re not just attending a gym; you’re becoming part of a group dedicated to lifting each other up in all aspects of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our boxing classes adapt to create an inclusive space where people support each other in achieving personal health goals.

Explore the FAQ to learn more about our inclusive program focused on achievable fitness for all.

  • What should I wear for boxing wellness sessions?

    For our boxing wellness sessions, wear clothes that allow you to move comfortably and freely. Think athletic shorts, leggings, and t-shirts that keep you cool. Flat, comfortable athletic shoes are best for your feet to support your movement and provide stability. Remember, it’s all about comfort and functionality.

  • Do I need my own boxing gloves for boxing classes?

    No need to worry about bringing your own gloves or workout gear; Boxing Well has you covered! We provide boxing gloves and all the necessary equipment for your workout. This way, you can focus on your session without the hassle of sourcing your own gear.

  • Can beginners with low fitness join in with a boxing workout?

    Absolutely! At Boxing Well, inclusivity and accessibility are at the core of what we do. Our workouts, exercises, and circuits are fully adaptable to accommodate any fitness level or mobility issues. We aim to ensure everyone feels welcome and has the right workout for them.

  • Are there discounts for boxing classes on a budget?

    Boxing Well is committed to making boxing accessible to everyone, so our classes are free. We believe in the power of boxing to transform lives and want to ensure no one is excluded due to money. Everyone is welcome to join and experience the mental and physical benefits of boxing with us.

  • Is it intimidating to start boxing fitness alone?

    We understand the nerves that come with trying something new, especially on your own. However, most of our members start their journey solo, so you’re in good company. We make a special effort to introduce everyone and create an environment where making new connections and friendships is part of the experience. A supportive and friendly community will be waiting to welcome you at Boxing Well.