Guiding Your Journey: Meet Boxing Well's Expert Coaches

Discover the pillars of Boxing Well: David Bullock and Les Welsh.

Each coach brings unparalleled expertise and a heartfelt dedication to every local fitness class, crafting a unique journey of fitness and resilience for all.

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bright yellow walls, a well used dark wooden floor with a selection of boxing bags on display in front of a mirrored wall

Meet the Mentors: David & Les

Get to know the individuals behind our transformative boxing classes and their commitment to your fitness and well-being.

a view from above the reduced mobility class where 14 people are mid workout doing side raises with two barbells each
our lead coach David working one-on-one with an older woman in the reduced mobility class - he is demonstrating a chest pull apart with a resistance band
a close up of a boxing well member using a resistance band in the exercise and workout section of one of our classes
an older man and women sparring together the man is working with the women on uppercuts
18 people all huddle together for a post boxing fitness class group picture - the group is a mix of ages, genders, weight and ability with everyone smiling

Experience World-Class Coaching in a Supportive Environment

Transform, Train, Thrive

At Boxing Well, we offer an unparalleled experience in the North East. Our classes, led by David and Les, are more than just local fitness sessions; they are a journey towards personal empowerment and community connection.

We’re committed to providing an environment where physical training and mental well-being go hand in hand, catering to the needs of all individuals.

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