Community Boxing For Fitness Class. 

Transform your fitness journey with every punch at Boxing Well, where community and wellness meet.

a wide shot of a boxing well class, they all have their hands on their hips mid stretch. Gemma a pink haired women wearing a boxing well sports top is in focus
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Boxing for Wellness:

Elevate Your Journey with Us

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We believe that boxing is a road to wellness for all. Our Community Class welcomes those advancing from beginner sessions or seeking to intensify their fitness and social circle. It's where wellness and community come together.

Grow Stronger with Each Session

Blending dynamic resistance techniques, heart-pumping cardio, and progressive boxing skills, each class pushes you towards new accomplishments. Reach goals – whether building strength, losing weight, transforming fitness alongside encouraging peers, or forging uplifting friendships.

Expert Support in a Caring Culture

Guided by seasoned coaches skilled at nurturing potential at all levels, each routine brings you closer to your best self. Our strength shines through diversity and celebration of all, beyond age or boxing ability. More than working out, this space connects people through personal breakthroughs and coming together to push each other further. 

Welcome to our Community Boxing for fitness session. This class is the next step to elevating your boxing routine and fitness levels. Every minute aims to energise, build community, and nurture wellness. Our 60-minute sessions invite anyone and everyone to sweat and have fun.

What to Expect in Your First Session

Energising Workouts and Dynamic Training

  • Start Strong Together:  Get ready through group warm-up to set the pace for the class.
  • Diverse Training Mix: Blend cardio, conditioning, mat exercises, and weights to build total body functional fitness.
  • Non-Contact Boxing: Practice punches and combinations on bags and pads, footwork, and partner drills without contact.

Fully Equipped Boxing Space

  • Gear Provided: Boxing gloves and other needed workout equipment are covered.
  • Upbeat Group Vibe: Larger classes unite around shared progress and fitness experiences.
  • Just Bring Yourself: You only need a workout outfit and water; we’ll handle everything else!

Your Fitness, Your Way

  • Wide Fitness Embrace: Standard exercises are adaptable for different comfort levels, making your workout harder or easier.
  • Customisable Intensity: Vary your workout intensity to align with your needs and goals or how you feel that day.
  • Supportive Community – Grow collectively in an uplifting space focused on holistic wellbeing and cheering each other on. 
18 people all huddle together for a post boxing fitness class group picture - the group is a mix of ages, genders, weight and ability with everyone smiling
bright yellow walls, a well used dark wooden floor with a selection of boxing bags on display in front of a mirrored wall
our lead coach David working one-on-one with an older woman in the reduced mobility class - he is demonstrating a chest pull apart with a resistance band
a view from above the reduced mobility class where 14 people are mid workout doing side raises with two barbells each
an older man and women sparring together the man is working with the women on uppercuts
a close up of a boxing well member using a resistance band in the exercise and workout section of one of our classes

Community Fitness Class Times - Join Us!

Your Weekly Dose of Movement

Join our vibrant boxing well world four days a week – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays!

We designed the schedule to fit your day seamlessly.

Your Hour to Sweat

Sessions run from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and provide an uplifting and high-intensity 60 minutes for everyone.

Whether starting or continuing your fitness journey, embrace, push and progress workouts at your own comfortable pace. 

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Success Stories from the Community Fitness Class

Dive into the accounts of people who have improved their fitness and mental well-being with us. Our Community Fitness Class isn't just about exercise; it's about transformation, community, and fun.

    You Won't Regret It

    I've been coming along twice a week for the last 18 months, and I love it! David is great at including everyone and making them feel welcome. Also, everyone is there for the same reasons - to feel better and have fun! You won't regret it!


    Can't Recommend Enough!

    These are great sessions physically and mentally, a great stress buster and physical/mental refreshment. I can't recommend David and the training enough for anyone of any ability - I'm 'hooked!!! Also very grateful for the nutrition tips!


Join Us and Transform Your Well-Being

Join a community that exercises together and champions wellness, inclusion, and mutual support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ section to find answers to your questions about our Community Fitness Boxing Class

  • I've never tried boxing before. Is this class suitable for beginners?

    Our Community Fitness Class is a great place to begin boxing. We make it approachable by focusing first on footwork and basic punch combinations, building it up over time. Our encouraging coaches help everyone gain skill and assurance step-by-step, no matter where they start. If you want more support – our Reduced Mobility Boxing Class provides customised workouts for those with specific barriers or mobility needs. The goal at Boxing Well is to create a welcoming space for all to safely build confidence in boxing and fitness over time.

  • Is the Community Fitness Class only for men, or can women join too?

    Boxing Well includes everyone. Our Community Classes gladly welcome both men and women, cultivating a diverse, uplifting space. With participants of all genders, our sessions mirror the dynamic blend of people in our area. This ensures each person discovers where they belong and trains comfortably here. Our inclusive culture means you can fully be yourself while getting fitter.

  • Are there any age restrictions for joining the Community Fitness Class?

    Age is irrelevant in our boxing classes – fitness has no age limit here! We openly welcome participants across ages, with a diverse age range already enjoying our boxing sessions. People in their 20s up to 60s come to box, socialize, and improve their health. Our focus stays on providing workouts suitable for all ages and stages, full of fun and community, to ensure that every class resonates with everyone. You can feel comfortable joining our judgement-free fitness classes no matter your age.

  • I have limited mobility. Can I still benefit from these classes?

    Our Community Class welcomes all mobility levels. We make adjustments as much as possible so everyone can join comfortably. But those who need more one-to-one support may benefit from our Reduced Mobility Boxing session instead. It carefully tailors routines to match people’s specific physical abilities. The goal is to ensure everyone can access boxing’s great benefits, regardless of current health or barriers. Just let us know how we can assist you individually!

  • Can boxing help with stress and anxiety relief?

    Absolutely! Working with Newcastle University, we learned our fitness boxing method meaningfully improves mental wellness – greatly decreasing stress and anxiety for many. Our lively classes offer an outlet to direct energy and emotions. The routine, motivation, and physicality of boxing with others builds resilience, self-confidence and mental focus over time. It’s both a physical and mental boost! Sessions provide tools to manage life’s challenges while making self-care a rewarding habit.

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  • No time constraints, no pressure - start the conversation when you're ready.

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