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Unlock your potential for wellness with our inclusive, no-pressure boxing classes.

our lead coach David working one-on-one with an older woman in the reduced mobility class - he is demonstrating a chest pull apart with a resistance band
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Boxing Is For Every Body :

Welcome to Your Community

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Our beginner boxing classes are a welcoming space for all. In these Reduced Mobility Class sessions, you'll get a total body workout at your own comfortable pace.

Your Fitness, Your Pace: What to Expect

It’s all about wellness and movement – no contact required. For 60 minutes, you’ll move your body through a range of boxing basics, cardio, and resistance, working up a good sweat while working towards your goals, like better physical and mental health or weight loss.

Why Choose Boxing Well: Expertise Plus Community

Our experienced coaches make boxing accessible, breaking down barriers to exercise and fitness. Their expertise has trained Olympian athletes, but what matters most is supporting our diverse community here in Blyth. We’ve helped people aged 60+ and those with disabilities regain confidence, make friends, and lose weight – transforming lives mentally and physically.

Welcome to Our Reduced Mobility Boxing Class Our 60-minute beginner sessions suit all fitness levels and are designed for people with barriers to exercise and fitness. Discover what to expect in your session.

What to Expect in Your First Session

Dynamic Warm-up and Training

  • Get Ready Together – We’ll prepare with light movement as a group, following the coach in stretches and warm-ups. 
  • Engaging Exercise – Enjoy a mix-up of cardio, dumbells, weights, resistance bands, boxing combinations, bag work and non-contact boxing

Fully Equipped Boxing Gym

  • Gear Included – Boxing gloves and equipment provided by us.
  • Personal Attention – Smaller classes allow individual support and help to tailor exercise to your body.
  • Just Bring Yourself – Wear workout or comfortable clothes and bring water! 

Your Fitness, Your Pace

  • Customised Routines – Exercises that can be altered to match different abilities or barriers you might face to wellness. 
  • Work at Your Speed – Challenge yourself while respecting limits – pushing yourself is good but if you feel pain, it’s time to stop!
  • Judgement-Free Zone: Focus on your own wellness path. Your journey to physical and mental wellness is your journey, not anybody else’s! 
18 people all huddle together for a post boxing fitness class group picture - the group is a mix of ages, genders, weight and ability with everyone smiling
bright yellow walls, a well used dark wooden floor with a selection of boxing bags on display in front of a mirrored wall
our lead coach David working one-on-one with an older woman in the reduced mobility class - he is demonstrating a chest pull apart with a resistance band
a view from above the reduced mobility class where 14 people are mid workout doing side raises with two barbells each
an older man and women sparring together the man is working with the women on uppercuts
a close up of a boxing well member using a resistance band in the exercise and workout section of one of our classes

Reduced Mobility Class Days and Times

Days of the Week

Our Reduced Mobility Boxing classes run four days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

We offer multiple days to fit into your weekly schedule!

Class Timing

Sessions run from 
11 a.m. – 12 p.m. 

This one-hour class is designed to empower boxers of all ability levels. Pace yourself in an inclusive space.

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Life-Changing Testimonials

Hear directly from our members: learn how our Reduced Mobility boxing for beginners classes at Boxing Well lifted spirits, improved fitness, and built a fantastic community.

    Make the First Step

    I tried to go three times before I eventually beat my anxiety and went through the door and have never felt so welcome. I go three times a week and have never felt better. The first step is the hardest to walk through the door for the first time. Make that step. You won't regret it.


    Lifted My Mood and Fitness

    I was nervous and anxious about coming along, but David was warm, welcoming and very supportive. All members were friendly and also supportive. Great environment. Going to Boxing Well lifted my mood and increased my fitness and confidence. I enjoy going, and we have a laugh!


    We Battle Together

    I was terrified the first time I walked in, but I honestly think I wouldn't be here today without the help and support I've received. We each have our own journey, but we fight as one - mentally and physically. So many people from different walks of life but nobody is left behind.


    Life-Changing and Free

    This place is transformative. You not only lose weight and get physically stronger, but also improve your mental well-being. All in a welcoming environment where everyone supports each other. Coaches Les and David offer expert, free boxing training.


Join Us and Transform Your Well-Being

Join a community that exercises together and champions wellness, inclusion, and mutual support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ section to find answers to your questions about our Reduced Mobility Class, specifically designed to make classes accessible and comfortable for everyone.

  • Can beginners with mobility problems join the boxing class?

    Absolutely! Our Reduced Mobility Class is designed for everyone. Whether you’re new to boxing, have limited mobility, or are on the mend from surgery. Our coaches can tailor the workouts to meet your needs, ensuring you can participate fully and safely. Options range from seated and alternate exercises to gentle strength training and resistance band workouts. This welcoming, positive environment is ideal for first-timers looking to embark on their wellness journey. No matter your starting point or barrier to fitness, our class offers a supportive path to improve your physical and mental well-being.

  • How does Boxing Well accommodate people with mental health conditions?

    We understand it’s hard to try new things when facing mental health challenges. At Boxing Well, we focus on inclusivity and compassion. Our coaches help you join class activities at the right pace. We’ve built a community where everyone encourages each other so you don’t feel pressured. Our gym gives people dealing with conditions like anxiety or depression a judgement-free space to work out and improve themselves. The supportive environment makes stepping out of your comfort zone and starting your wellness journey easier.

  • Is the class adaptable to those struggling with chronic pain or fatigue?

    Adapting exercise for everyone is central to our Reduced Mobility Class and Boxing Well. If you deal with ongoing pain or tiredness, know there are gentle yet helpful options to get you moving. We recognise everyone has different limits and faces unique barriers to exercise, wellness and movement. Choose from resistance bands, light weights, basic boxing moves or circuit training aligned with what you can handle on the day. Our coaches expertly personalise routines, giving you an effective workout for you. With so many ways to take part, you can build movement you feel good about.

  • Will I fit in if I'm significantly older/younger than the average participant?

    At Boxing Well, your age doesn’t matter – we welcome people from 20 to 80+. Our community is very diverse, with participants of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you think you’re older or younger than typical, you’ll discover many different people who share your common wellness goals. Everyone works on getting healthy and stronger in their own way. So, no matter your age, our beginner boxing classes give you an uplifting group where you belong and can progress.

  • Do I need to disclose my mental or physical health conditions before joining?

    Sharing previous health conditions is fully your choice. But if conditions affect your workouts, telling us allows better support.
    Though not required, providing background helps coaches personalise routines for comfort and injury prevention. Don’t worry – they respect privacy and use details only to improve your time here.
    The goal is to help you exercise safely. So, while optional, opening up lets us adapt boxing to your body for the best experience.

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  • No time constraints, no pressure - start the conversation when you're ready.

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