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Transform, Triumph, Together: Women's Boxing for Fitness and Fun

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Connect, Grow, Succeed:

Boxing Classes for Women in the North East

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Our women's boxing classes welcome all levels to our inclusive Blyth gym. Whether new to boxing or already hooked, we'll meet you where you are and support your progression. We focus on physical and mental wellness so you can become your strongest, most confident self. Our judgment-free zone builds community and self-love through movement.

Your Journey: The Women’s Class Experience

Our women-only boxing sessions blend cardio, resistance training, and skills in a judgment-free zone. Whether you join us to get fitter, gain strength, or expand your community, every class brings a new experience. Grow physically and mentally at your own pace, with the guidance and encouragement needed to become your best self. The journey continues each week as you tone up, transform, and form friendships along the way.

Boxing Well: Creating Courage and Confidence for Women

With professional male coaches ensuring a safe, supportive space, our diverse community welcomes spirited women of all backgrounds. Each punch thrown demonstrates your growing strength and self-assurance. Beyond physical fitness, our classes bring women together – celebrating successes, empowering one another, and forging lasting bonds. More than exercise, this is a judgment-free class focused on mental health, community, and becoming the best version of you.

Welcome to Women's Fitness at Boxing Well! Our 60-minute women's boxing classes blend lively punching drills with resistance and strength training to match your fitness goals and level. With tailored guidance focused on physical and mental well-being, each session aims to empower women to grow stronger on their terms. Join our diverse community of females focused on uplifting and motivating one another to become our best selves through the transformative power of none contact boxing.

What to Expect in Your Boxing Class

Fitness Techniques for Every Woman

  • Holistic Training: Engage all muscle groups through diverse boxing drills that build whole-body strength, endurance and flexibility.
  • Personalized Progress: Learn adaptable boxing skills customized to your unique abilities and goals, ensuring an effective workout.
  • Encouraging Environment: Break a sweat in our safe, supportive non-contact setting using pads, bags and step-by-step technique guidance.

Fully Equipped for Your Success

  • Equipment Included: Use our recommended boxing gloves and workout gear – no need to bring anything besides your motivation!
  • Empowering Energy: Feel uplifted training alongside determined women, creating a motivational group dynamic that fuels your inner fire.
  • Stress-Free Sessions: Arrive ready to sweat with water in hand. We’ll handle the rest so you can zone in on pushing yourself to new wellness heights.

Your Fitness at Your Pace

  • Flexible Intensity: Customise your workout intensity to match your goals and ability by pacing drills or dialling it up – control lies with you.
  • Mind-Body Harmony: Experience the mental clarity and stress relief that comes from workouts harmonising mind, body and breath.
  • Building Healthy Habits: Commit to sustainable wellness with classes focused on lifelong fitness, one small change at a time, both physical and mental. Adopt a balanced lifestyle through Boxing Well’s transformative power.
18 people all huddle together for a post boxing fitness class group picture - the group is a mix of ages, genders, weight and ability with everyone smiling
bright yellow walls, a well used dark wooden floor with a selection of boxing bags on display in front of a mirrored wall
our lead coach David working one-on-one with an older woman in the reduced mobility class - he is demonstrating a chest pull apart with a resistance band
a view from above the reduced mobility class where 14 people are mid workout doing side raises with two barbells each
an older man and women sparring together the man is working with the women on uppercuts
a close up of a boxing well member using a resistance band in the exercise and workout section of one of our classes

Join Our Women's Boxing Classes

Weekly Workouts for Wellness

Start your weekends strong by diving into boxing with our Saturday Morning classes!

Our fun, flexible sessions fit into busy schedules so you can fuel your fitness.

Your Hour to Empower

Sessions run from 10-11 a.m., offering a judgement-free zone for women to grow stronger together.

Whether you’re just beginning or building on your fitness skills, our encouraging classes will uplift you physically and mentally. 

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Testimonials from our Women's Boxing Class

Read real testimonials of transformation from our boxing class for women. It's not just about working out - it's a journey of improving your mental and physical health with a group of women who've been where you are.

    You Won't Regret It

    I've been coming along twice a week for the last 18 months, and I love it! David is great at including everyone and making them feel welcome. Also, everyone is there for the same reasons - to feel better and have fun! You won't regret it!


    Can't Recommend Enough!

    These are great sessions physically and mentally, a great stress buster and physical/mental refreshment. I can't recommend David and the training enough for anyone of any ability - I'm 'hooked!!! Also very grateful for the nutrition tips!


Join Us and Transform Your Well-Being

Join a community that exercises together and champions wellness, inclusion, and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our women's boxing classes adapt to create an inclusive space where women support each other in achieving personal health goals. Explore the FAQ to learn more about our inclusive program focused on achievable fitness for all.

  • What fitness level is required to join the women's boxing class?

    Our women’s boxing class welcomes all levels.

    Beginners learn proper fundamentals, while seasoned attendees can intensify drills and workouts to suit. Our classes adapt to you.

    Success means having the courage to invest in self-improvement physically and mentally, gain confidence, and bond with others. We provide a no-judgement space for you to pursue goals comfortably.

    There is no minimum fitness requirement- just a willingness to start the journey. Feel called to greater fitness? Take the first step with guidance and progress at your own pace.

    Together, we help you grow stronger on your terms through boxing – one week at a time.

  • How does the class accommodate beginners who have never tried boxing before?

    We recognise that boxing can seem intimidating for first-timers. That’s why we customise each class based on attendees’ experience levels.

    Beginners receive plenty of personalised attention to grasp the basics – we walk through fundamentals like stances, footwork and punch techniques in a straightforward, step-by-step process. With patience and encouragement, newcomers gain confidence to participate comfortably as skills steadily improve over time.

    There is no pressure, only care and support to help you safely build boxing abilities at your own pace.

  • Are there modifications available for people with disabilities or injuries?

    Our team has extensive experience adapting classes for people with physical and sensory disabilities, chronic injuries, pain conditions, and those recovering strength post-childbirth. We’re committed to making boxing accessible by modifying exercises like offering low-impact chair workouts, additional rest periods, or less intense alternatives.

    Let us know your needs – whether related to mobility, hearing, vision or beyond – and we’ll tailor the class so you can participate comfortably. Inclusiveness is core to our mission because we believe everyone deserves to experience boxing’s transformative empowerment.

  • How does Boxing Well ensure a safe and supportive environment for women, especially for those dealing with mental health challenges?

    At Boxing Well, we understand the isolation many feel dealing with mental health struggles. That’s why we actively cultivate judgment-free camaraderie focused on holistic mind and body wellness.

    Coaches make time for personal check-ins and lead group discussions on constructive topics like nutrition, sleep hygiene and managing stress. We want everyone entering our gym to feel truly seen, supported and empowered to prioritise self-care. Together, we can realise you don’t have to go it alone.

    Our classes provide a platform to connect with others and take brave steps towards inner peace and balance on the journey to becoming whole, healthy versions of ourselves.

  • What are the qualifications and experience of the women's boxing class instructors?

    Our boxing coaches are fully certified by England Boxing and have experience transforming lives through fitness over the decades. Beyond impressive credentials, their true passion lies in helping others holistically improve mental and physical well-being. They’re deeply knowledgeable regarding mental health and support services to guide you towards additional resources when needed.

    If you are facing mental health challenges, let us connect you to the right local programs or counsellors so you get caring support to develop resilience. Our team keeps up-to-date on a wide range of therapies to best assist you, especially during tough times.

Ready to Start Your Boxing Fitness Journey? Reach Out!

Are you seeking a women's boxing community focused on mental and physical wellness? Our coaches want to help you take the first step in your fitness path when it feels right for you.

Whether new to boxing or experienced, our judgement-free zone offers guidance tailored to your needs. We'll listen without pressure, answer questions, and support you in feeling comfortable.

  • Reach out however feels best for you - website, social media or directly.
  • No time constraints or pressure - start the conversation on your terms.
  • Each journey is unique. We're here to respond with empathy and meet you where you are.

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